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North Carolina temporary health insurance is for anyone who needs coverage from 1month to 1 year. These are complete Major Medical plans.

- You can be covered in 24 hours (even the same day if you call me)
- $2,000,000 Maximum Per Insured person
- Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital in America
- There are no medical exams, only a simple one page form
- Child only coverage is also available (over 6 months old)
- The insurance is underwritten by an "A" rated company

- This plan has no height and weight restrictions

north carolina temporary insurance   Use temporary health insurance:
- As a low cost alternative to COBRA coverage
- While waiting for benefits to begin
- Unemployed or Self-employed
- For new graduates and college students
- As a low-cost alternative to expensive PPO plans

Remember that you can use any doctor or hospital and you only have to answer a few simple questions to qualify.

You can call us a 1-800-986-4786 or Click Here to have us contact you.

Martin Unger - President

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