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North Carolina health insurance is our specialty. As one of the largest online insurance agencies you are guaranteed the lowest premiums possible . We represent a number of top-rated North Carolina health plans. This is truly one stop shopping. Call now at 1-800-986-4786 for immediate quotes (9AM to 9PM weekdays) or Click Here and I will call you within 24 hours

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North Carolina Health Insurance Plans - Can you handle the truth?

I want to tell you right up front that I hate all health insurance companies. Choosing one from the herd is not an easy task. I look for companies that pay their claims and have decent customer service. There are some companies that do a reasonably good job, nothing to write home about, but they won't take your guts out by giving you the run-around. I use these companies I don't want to find myself in court so I cannot name the plans that you should stay clear of.

The cost of any plan we sell will depend on the deductible and features you include. If you read my site, you will see that I am a big believer in high-deductible, low cost plans. However, everyone's situation is different and we will customize the plan to your needs. Give me a call if you want help in sorting all of this out.

Fill out a health insurance request quote form. Be sure to include your phone number, I don't want any pen pals. I will need about 5 minutes or so of your time to give you a quote and answer your questions.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the site,

Martin Unger

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Quick Facts

These quick tips are not a substitute for talking to me personally, but you should find
them very helpful.
1. You can shop until you are blue in the face and have every screwball in the country calling you about insurance. The fact is that all agents who sell the same plan must sell it for the same price. It's not a flea market. So, John Smith in the Raleigh will offer the same plan for the same premium as Mary Jones in Greensboro.
2. I suggest you stay away from any plan that pays you a set amount for different situations. For example a plan that will pay you $200 or $300 a day when you are in the hospital. This is not the best type of coverage and you might leave the hospital will large bills to pay. Never, never, and let me say it one more time - never buy a plan with fixed or scheduled reimbursement rates. You want a plan that will pay the bills after the deductible and coinsurance - period.
3. I know you used to have great insurance. You went to the doctor in a limousine, got a massage and facial and then paid two dollars for a heart transplant. I don't have any of those plans to offer. Having a low-cost, basic plan with a high deductible won't kill you. Having no health insurance at all might.
4. Health plans usually do not cover you adequately outside of the United States. If you are traveling abroad, get travel insurance.

5. North Carolina individual and family health insurance plans are not guaranteed issue. If you have preexisting conditions, the condition might not be covered. Make sure you discuss these concerns with your agent. If an agent ever hints that you should conceal something, get rid of the agent pronto. In the long run you will screw yourself out of coverage when you need it the most. In most states, lying on a health insurance application is a felony.

By the way, there are no laws that will force a health insurance company to cover your preexisting conditions. I don't care what your neighbor, friend or brother-in-law told you.

6. We do not sell HMOs. I don't like them and will not sell them. Sorry.

North Carolina individual health insurance If you are pregnant you cannot get health insurance. Your husband cannot get health insurance and your children cannot get health insurance. I know its nuts but those are the rules. Maternity coverage is so expensive that it is often cheaper to save the money and negotiate with the hospital for a fixed price. Plus, you can use the PPO discounts. The newborn will be covered immediately at birth as will complications to pregnancy.

7. If you have a PPO plan you are entitled to the discounted PPO rate for services. So a doctor visit might still only cost $35 or $40 instead of $75, and a lab fee $15 instead of $60. Be sure to ask me about PPO discounts. It can save you a bundle. (This is one of the most important pieces of information I can offer you. If you are not sure what I am referring to - ask me about it.)

8. High deductible major medical plans are often the best value. There is no point in spending $2000 a year more in premiums to lower your deductible $1500. Once you understand how much extra you must pay for prescription coverage, doctor copay features and a lower deductible you will be able to figure out which plan is the best buy. I will lay it all out for you so you can make an informed decision.

9. I promise you will get a premium increase every single year. You can count on it. It doesn't matter what company you use. Although, some are a lot worse than others.

If you get an increase that is too high, you should give me a call. I will either tell you to stay where you are or I will move you to a less expensive plan. That is why you use a broker and not a captive agent with only one company to offer. All starts to make sense doesn't it?

dental plans, group dental plans
We have North Carolina dental plans with coverage in select parts of the state. There are individual and family dental plans for all budgets. Click on this North Carolina dental insurance link to get an instant quote.

10. If you went online and filled out a bunch of forms for quotes you have already made a mistake. Most of the people you will contact on the Internet will not be direct agents like myself. They will be national marketing companies that will sell your name and phone number or e-mail addresses to the highest bidder for insurance leads or anything else they can. You never know where or with whom your confidential information will wind up. Fill out my request form or call me before that happens to you. We are very security conscious and are licensed agents. The only one who will annoy you - is me.

prescription plans

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North Carolina Health Insurance - A Final Word

North Carolina health insurance plans are a very important part of our business. We spend a lot of time comparing health plans. If we don't have the best plan for best price you will go somewhere else. It is as simple as that. Health insurance is a specialty. We don't insure trucks or houses. We are experts in health insurance. You will pay no more, and probably a lot less, using our services than an online quick-quote site.

Martin Unger - President

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